Mobile Social Networking

eMarketer recently released a report on marketing to social networks that have a mobile component (like that little or what-have-you). This appears to be in line with other reports on mobile usage and where the audience goes there go the marketers. Here’s a pullquote from Debra Aho Williamson, one of the report’s authors:

It goes beyond simply linking people with digital content by adding the immediacy of sharing with friends—a very powerful marketing proposition.

So here we have the mashup of two pretty exciting opportunites: social network marketing and mobile technology. Since people like to be “social” spontaneously, combining a pervasive technology like mobile phones/internet devices is like combining peanut butter and chocolate, or whatever you like to combine.

Action? John du Pre Gauntt, another of the report’s authors has this to say:

Marketers are trying to determine which digital marketing techniques and ad units are relevant for the mobile social networking environment.

What tools and techniques are you using or researching?