Twitter for Customer Service

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Increasingly, companies are using Twitter to enhance their customer service. Handling customer service in a public environment like Twitter is probably just the next round of transparency. Want to know how good a company’s customer service is? See if they’re on Twitter and what they’re doing there.

Here are some articles related to using Twitter for customer service.

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5 thoughts on “Twitter for Customer Service

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  2. (blog services) is definitely using Twitter as a proactive customer service tool. One day I complained about my TypePad woes via Twitter and had a “direct message” from a TypePad CS rep within 15 minutes. That was crazy!

  3. Hi Rudy,

    Let me know if you make a blog post about it sometime so I can include it in this resource. I’ve seen you out there doing it, a nice how-to on what you think is most important would be a great addition to the knowledge pool.


  4. Hi G!

    I’ve had a draft about it for some time now…..need to finalize/update it….When I publish it, I’ll ping you….



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