Google Query Suggest Takes a Shot at Realtors

I discovered this affront to the Real Estate profession recently, as I was gathering material for an upcoming presentation on using video to increase online user engagement.

One of the things that I like to do in the beginning of my presentations is define a baseline of interaction. As a website owner, you know where you want people to end up when they visit your site. (If you don’t, then stop paying your hosting fees!) But before you can effectively drive people toward that goal, you need to figure out what they are thinking when they arrive: What are they looking for? What are they not looking for?

Realtors have it harder than most in this department, and to find evidence of this you need look no farther than the homepage of Google. If you type the words “Realtors are” into the search box, you get some interesting suggestions from Google.

Google query suggestions are drawn from frequently entered terms into the search engine. Judging by this evidence it is safe to say that Realtors have a lot of work to do when people arrive on their websites. So what is a Realtor to do?!? First step is that they should read my previous blog post Breaking Down the Barriers to real estate sales: be yourself online and start to use the concepts therein to prove just how worthwhile, honest, useful, energetic and worth every penny they are!

PS. Not to brag but …