A Trip Down Random Access Memory Lane

As 2011 closed and 2012 is upon us, let’s remember some of the best of last year.

This list contains some of my favorite posts from our blog writing staff and also some of the hot topics on the web, that resonated with our readership and clients.

> Business Development Manager Spencer Taylor warned us how a good designer may not build a good website as far as integrating real estate MLS data.

> Union Street Media founder Ted Adler, took some time to offer some invaluable business leadership advice for the non-profit sector.

> Director of Internet Marketing Elissa Giroux, brought back some take away from the VT chapter of the national organization for design professionals. She also provided some valuable lessons in home and website ownership.

> Marketing Director John Merse, kept us in the loop with all the latest Facebook and Google updates throughout the year helping us and our clients stay ahead of the curve.

> Finally, yours truly, tried to help unlock some of the mysteries of SEO and examine what’s important to consider and what’s not.

We welcome you back this year for fresh ideas, tips and updates on what’s happening with online technology.