Display and Retargeting

Display advertising provides an added layer of brand awareness for potential customers, exposing and informing them of your value and keeping your company top of mind as they browse the web. Retargeting gives you the power to track and follow visitors who leave your website without converting into a lead. Without retargeting, you lose out on high potential leads.

Furthermore, audience segmentation ensures that users are segmented into different groups based on a variety of criteria, such as past behavior, context, interests, geography and demographics, and are delivered personalized ad messaging based on insights about their preferences.

Combining these tactics ensures not only that leads are delivered to you through your website, but they are nurtured through to purchase and even post-purchase, minimizing your time investment per lead and driving loyalty among new and returning customers.

Partner with Union Street Media's Certified Digital Experts

Our team specializes in the creation and implementation of display ads that capture the attention of the buyers and sellers you’re looking to reach. We also specialize in audience discovery, meaning we can uncover missed opportunities to reach key customers and expand campaign reach to target audiences with known and potential interest.

We understand how to identify the online behaviors of your lost visitors and formulate a strategy to keep them coming back to your site until they convert.


Cost Effective

Flexible budgets, starting at $500 per month.


Increase Share of Voice

Break through the noise and speak directly to your potential clients.


Build trust

Target buyers and sellers with messaging that’s customized and relevant to them.


Drive results

Customize the path a buyer or seller will take once they click on your ad and increase lead conversions for your office.


Actionable Reporting

We provide frequent, comprehensive website analysis and campaign reporting that empower more informed customer conversations and improve your bottom line.


Marketing Support

Your digital marketing team is available whenever you need them.