Getting Started with Twitter for Business

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As with any buzzwordy new hip trend, the barrier to entry for using Twitter is probably just sitting down and playing with it. If you have ten minutes, scan one of these articles and just give Twitter a try.

Wrapping your head around Twitter

If are looking for some specific uses of what you might do with Twitter, read some of the use case scenarios for Twitter that are available on the Twitter for Business page. Or you could just read this one article over on Mashable that gives a wide variety of little benefits accrued through Twitter use.

Sometimes you just need some ideas and pointers about what a piece of software is. How can use it for marketing? Or other business tasks? Is it like text messaging but not? Here are some articles to help get you started in understanding what Twitter is and how Twitter works.

Twitter: Get Started

If you’re wanting some ideas and help to get going with microblogging and Twitter, you’re on the right page. There are plenty of articles that give you a good “here’s how to start using twitter” overviews. Some in a narrative style, some with bulleted lists. Here are a few of my favorites:

Find people to follow

Once you have your account, you’ll want to start using it. It starts with you following (i.e. listening to) other people. Here are some articles with ideas about following and increasing your followers:

Start posting on Twitter

You’ve got your twitter account. You have started following some people. Maybe some people have started following you, even. Now it’s time to start posting on Twitter. Here are some resources to help you get the most out of posting on Twitter.

Articles to help you navigate etiquette and other social issues on Twitter

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Sometimes you just want to fit in. Is it okay to post every five minutes with your latest and greatest deal? Should you really talk about your cat twice a day? When is it alright to approach someone with an offer? Here are some articles to give you a sense of the kind of communication people are expecting to have via Twitter.

You’ll find that it’s a lot like going to a cocktail party. If you’d feel awkward saying something at a cocktail party hosted by your best friend, then don’t post it on Twitter. Here are some more thoughts on getting along in Twitterland:

Twitter: Cautionary Tales

We can probably all remember the first time we sent a “reply all” email when we really didn’t mean to send a message to everyone. If not, we know someone who has. These are the sorts of gaffes that scare us and prevent us from using a new technology. No one wants to look foolish. Below are some posts that help you avoid blunders and other cautionary tales as you use Twitter. But also remember, you still use email even though you sent that embarrassing message that one time.

Alright. You’re ready to start using Twitter for your business. Head on over to the Twitter for Lead Generation page or go to the main Twitter for Business page and find a use case that’s relevant for your business. In real estate and not sure who to follow? Try the Twitter for Real Estate: Who to Follow? article.

Feel free to use the comments to let me know about other good articles for beginning Twitter use.