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There are all kinds of social networks on the web. Facebook and MySpace get a fair amount of attention. But there’s also the one that’s primarily for business: LinkedIn. How can you use LinkedIn for your marketing efforts? After the break is Guy Kawasaki‘s slide deck telling you how.

Perhaps not every one of these points is directly and obviously related to real estate internet marketing, but enough of them are that I think you’ll enjoy this. Many of his thoughts can be translated into other social network sites as well.

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5 thoughts on “Social Network Marketing with LinkedIn

  1. Just substitute “buyer” or “seller” or “agent” for the hiring manager and apply to your real estate transactions. I have found LinkedIn to be very helpful to me in my current real estate business and for the purpose of re-connecting with folks from my past life in technology sales and marketing. It provides an instant on-line resume beyond my blog profile. Good stuff!

  2. I have been using Myspace and Facebook since long time.
    I guess… LinkedIn would to be very helpful to me in my current internet business.


  3. Pam:
    Thanks for stopping by and providing that translation to increase the value of Kawasaki’s slide deck for all the real estate pros! There’s so much talk about social media marketing out there that is generic and anything that can be done to help realtors and agents make tactical use of the information is awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by! I, personally, use LinkedIn far more than I do Facebook. Mostly because it’s a network that is formed around business. I enjoy Facebook and MySpace now and then. But for actual business I prefer LinkedIn.

    That said, tons of real estate folks use Facebook all the time in their lead generation activities and experience success. So I guess the thing to do is figure out which networks you want to spend the most time with that are also good for your business.

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