Firefox Plugins for Real Estate: TwitKit


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If your real estate internet marketing strategy incorporates social media, then chances are good you’re experimenting with (if not already obsessed with) Twitter. If you’re still shy about Twitter or don’t know what it is, check out the Twitter for Real Estate page. If you’re already Tweeting up a storm, let me introduce you to the fourth in our Firefox Plugins for Real Estate series: TwitKit.

Twitkit is a browser-based interface for using Twitter. Once installed, you can open a sidebar (via the Tools menu) that contains the public stream, your stream, you + your friends and anyone responding to you. It’s that last one that makes me like the tool so much.

You see, I have to admit that I don’t follow everyone who follows me. I’m just not that kind of guy. I try to keep the people I listen to fairly trimmed to those who talk about things I want/need to know. I also don’t always have the time to scan everyone’s twitterstream to figure out if I might like what they have to say. It’s my tactic for staying sane on Twitter.

However, sometimes people reply to my questions and I never hear them in my current Twitter app. Having a panel that just shows me who is replying to me in Twitter is the perfect tool for making sure I’m present when anyone talks to me. Whether I know or follow them or not.

Installing TwitKit makes your ears bigger.