Real Estate Blogging Objectives

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Tired of blogging? No Time?

Recently I came across this forum post by a beleaguered, blogging Realtor.

“when i first began blogging i was very excited i found out a way to reach the world and express my thoughts.My Real Estate blog began to be filled with content and awesome articles. As i continue to blog and expand my audience and continue to grow my business i have found myself exhausted and overwhelmed. I am exhausted every article requires time and thought something that i really dont have. i recently began looking for a ghost blogger but guess what i haven’t found one yet. Does any one have any suggestions?”

As the season gets busier for Realtors, a common issue is finding time to sit down and write a well written blog post with good content. It is wiser to keep a consistent output rather than flurries of activity, so if you only blog once a month that is preferable to a high frequency of blogs and then nothing at all for long periods. Readers will check in at regular intervals but if there is nothing there for ages you run the risk of losing them completely as they think the blog is dormant. Rather than leave your blog dormant until you find the time and energy to jump back in, consider this:


For example, Twitter. You only have to come up with a maximum of 140 characters and it’s becoming more and more popular. This is a great way to keep feeding new information while you formulate a more content-rich and keyword-focused blog. For double the benefit, set up an RSS feed of your “tweets” to your site so that your site gains a regular infusion of content.

Short posts that link out and keep your brand lively can be just as useful as ones that take an hour to write, so don’t damage your brand with poor, lazy posts just because you feel you have to crank something out. Just keep it short (literally a paragraph!) and link to something of interest in the local or national media or on a local web site that is of interest to your market. It could be a reminder of an upcoming “Green Up” day, beach cleanup, community-wide rummage sale, shred-fest, important school board meeting, music festival, property tax due date, you name it. Anything that is relevant to living in your community will take only a moment to write, can be keyword rich, and useful to your readers.

Ghost/Guest Blogging

This avenue is an acceptable route for SEO purposes as it can guarantee good content and add a fresh voice to your brand and blog. It also will provide great support for you in the busy season enabling you to focus on lead generation and getting out to meet your clients. Just make sure that the writer knows your business and your community. Hiring someone on another continent, therefore, would not help extend your brand or accurately represent your expertise in your local market.

Listen to your Analytics

If you are wondering how much effect your blog is having on traffic to your site and brand awareness then use Google Analytics to see if your efforts are furthering your business goals. You might discover what is working for you and help you to either trim the fat with certain content or provide motivation to expand more on ideas that are gaining traction.

Looking for Ideas?

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