Google+ Branded Pages – Tips for Engaging With Your Customers

Although Google+ is still in the beginning stages of its life, it has captured the attention of some major companies and social media lovers.  When branded pages were finally launched at the beginning of November, brands such as Pepsi, Cadbury, and Jet Blue were quick to jump on board and create some really interesting content.  Because the few people using it are so social-media-savvy, they have been asking for real engagement and conversations from these companies.  The brands who have experimented with the features offered by Google+ have been quite successful and have caught the attention of their customers.

One brand that has been especially successful is the American Red Cross.  Although they don’t have the flashiest page, they have been engaging really well with their customers.  Most of their posts are about real issues going on in the world and reason why you should care.  From there, they have created real conversations with their followers without just telling them to give blood.  They are focusing more on developing a dialogue rather than “selling,” which has been quite successful.

What’s Special About Google+?

Now down to the features.  Although some of them might be a little confusing at first, they have proven quite valuable for brands.  The circles feature, for example, allows you to segment your followers into different groups.  This means that you can target people more directly by sending out content to customers with a specific age, location, or interest. Your customers will be more likely to interact with your posts because they will only see content that is relevant to them.  For example, if your company sells throughout New England, but you’re only having a sale in Connecticut, you can create a circle specifically for that state and only send the information to those customers.  This way, you won’t be giving irrelevant information to the rest of your Google+ followers.

Another interesting option for Google+ branded pages is utilizing the scrapbook photo feature at the top of your profile.  It’s a great way to create something eye-catching and interesting.  In this space, you can display products, images of your employees, or create something completely new.  The options for this are really endless and the more creative you are, the more chances you have to stand out against your competitors on Google+.  One company that’s doing something really interesting with this is Android.  They are creating something silly that still makes sense for their company and target market.

One of the more unconventional features that brands have been picking up is Google+ Hangouts.  This was originally meant to be used by friends who wanted to talk through video, but brands have been using it to talk face-to-face with their customers.  While not everyone can join the conversation at once, it gives those lucky few a chance to talk to your company and have a real discussion.  This brings customer service to a whole new level and creates the opportunity for a new kind of customer-brand relationship.

G+: Connect with Your Customers

Although the features of Google+ may seem confusing at first, they provide great potential for businesses looking to create a real conversation with their customers and engage with them directly.  It is really important to make sure you’re being creative with your Google+ page because the customers who are using the site are looking for something new and interesting.  If you create a profile just for the sake of having one, you won’t inspire interest or engagement with your brand.  You need to go a step farther than you would on a site like Facebook because you need to be actively communicating with the people in your circles.

If you haven’t yet, test out Google+ and see how it can help you connect with your customers.