Updates To Facebook Fan Pages

What Does It Mean For Internet Marketing?

Facebook Fan Pages are used by businesses to interact with their customers online.  This is the first time Facebook has rolled out changes that bridge the gap between personal and business pages. There are a few new features that will help you manage communication and increase engagement. We’ve taken the time to outline some of the changes and what you will be able to do with them.

Better Communication

Starting right now, you can navigate and interact with other areas of Facebook as your Fan Page. This means you can choose to receive notifications about Fan activity, like and comment on other Pages under your business name. Your Fan Page will finally get its own News Feed where you can engage with the latest and most important news from other Pages you like.

More Opportunities for Expression

Facebook launched updated personal profiles a few months ago. Now, Fan Pages  will benefit from many of the same enhancements. Starting today, you can feature photos of your Page’s most recent experiences at the top of your Page. You can highlight other Pages you are connected with as well as the people who are managing your Page. This new feature allows you to add more personality to your business page. A great idea is to take images of happy clients or exclusive deals and place those photos at the top for maximum exposure.

Improved Relevancy and Reach

The navigation has been moved to the left-hand side under your profile picture just like the new personal profiles. This will most likely make it navigate more consistently for everyone. The “Everyone” filter on the Wall provides a new way for you to see the most interesting posts first. Facebook has also created a place for people to discover the friends and interests they have common with your Page.

Do you like the new design and features Facebook released today for pages?

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  1. This was very helpful to me, I am trying to set up a fan page with facebook and I like the new things that facebook is doing. I also heard that they are allowing the use of iFrame which will make things even more fun. Thanks for the post.

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